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We’ve seen the different looks of LeBron over the years – the superstar athlete, the leader, the champion. But we’ve never seen him as a father.

“Fatherhood” explores what being a parent means to LeBron, as he muses out loud about his oldest son, Bronny James. The fears, the joys, and everything in between he experienced as a dad, supported by never-seen-before footage from the James family archive.

Throughout our film, we see the growth of the two of them together, all wrapping up with a unique handshake between father and son — showing the strength of their bond.


“Fatherhood” Beats by Dre

Director: Lance Acord
ECD: Jason Campbell
GCD: Castro Desroches
GCD: Aryan Aminzadeh
AD: Kevin Lu
CW:Karan Raikar

Music by Leon Thomas