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Fit to Move

The Beats Fit Pros are designed to lock in your ears and stay in place —
so you can bop any way, anywhere.

Using the universal head bobbing motion to thread our talent stories together,
we watch their realities heighten around them as they move how they want.

Credits ///// 

Directed by Nina Holmgren
Edited by Dusten of Cabin Edit

The Team
ECD: Jason Campbell
CD: Castro Desroches
CD: Aryan Aminzadeh
SCW: Mia Madrid
SAD: Rachel Leathers
AD: Kevin Lu
CW: Karan Raikar

Naomi Osaka, Vince Staples, quen Blackwell, Kia Gerber

“Fit to Move” :40

“Fit for Vince”    :15

“Fit for Quen”    :15

“Fit for Kaia”    :15

“Fit for Naomi”    :15