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Client: Beats By Dre

Whether you’re 21 years into your career like LeBron James, or just 23 years old like Erling Haaland, for sports greatest stars, pressure doesn’t get in the way, its a fuel to keep going, and break records again and again and again.


Starring LeBron James & Erling Haaland 
Supporting  Savanahh James & Alfie Haaland
Music by Om’Mas & Tone of Trackmasters

“The King & the Viking” Beats by Dre

Director: Bradford Young
ECD: Jason Campbell
GCD: Castro Desroches
GCD: Aryan Aminzadeh
Senior CW: Eyob Yirgou
AD: Jordyn Silver
AD: Shrinidhi Vijay
CW: Kofi Lost