Mozilla Firefox _ AdBlocker

Client: Mozilla Firefox

AD: Castro Desroches

Ads are literally everywhere, and rising out from a pack of ads is getting even more and more difficult.

Ironically enough, the absense of an ad in a sea of them can grab even more attention which works perfectly for the needs of Mozilla  Firefoxs latest AdBlocker offering.

We decided to take all forms of advertising that were typically laden with buys and replace them with the real life interpretations of what Ad-Blocker would afford you in the digital space.

Clean, pristine, beautiful nothingness.

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Case Study: GQ magazine

The first 20-30 pages of a magazine are usually filled with Ads.
Here we have 20 blank pages.  

We then ended it with a final buy that clearly and
very tastefully presented the feature at work.

Mozilla Firefox _ Ad-Blocker


Inner City Billboards

Off the Highway

Before you board your flight

_ At the Races

Sponsor popular Nascar drivers to
rebrand their vehicles to Ad-Blocker White.